Attention: All pages of this wiki depend on the pages that come before it, in order as they are listed on the Main Page. Please check for Dependencies.
Please also look at What You Need to Know Before Using This Wiki

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Computerisms Open Corporate Networking Model


This site provides instructions to build an open source corporate/business network model using centralized Active Directory/LDAP Authentication.
It provides all the basic functionality of a Microsoft Exchange Server and more to a cross-platform environment.
key protocols and services supported include: IPSec/L2TP VPN, SSL secured web applications, VoIP, Cal/Card/WebDAV, IMAP, SMTP, Sieve, large file transfer, Job Tracking, Network Monitoring/Alerting, Backups, Domain Security, Digital Signage

What You Need to Know Before Using This Wiki

Order of Construction

  1. Organize Hardware
  2. Set up Basic Firewall Functions - porchlian
  3. Create a Certificate Authority - houselian
  4. Install Daemontools
  5. Run the User Creation Script
  6. Install Samba Active Directory
  7. Install Qmail-ldap, Dovecot, and Related Email Services
  8. Install OpenUpload
  9. Install Davical
  10. Install RoundCube/Notes on groupware clients
  11. Configure WebDAV
  12. Install Request Tracker
  13. Install Ledgersmb
  14. Install MediaWiki
  15. Install FreeRadius
  16. Install OpenBroadcaster - No LDAP Auth
  17. Install Asterisk - No LDAP Auth
  18. Install Nagios
  19. Install APCUPSD
  20. Install DHCP and DNS - porchlian
  21. Shape/Track Bandwidth - Finalize IPTables
  22. Install LibreSWAN and Xl2tpd
  23. Install Rsnapshot - shedlian


User Creation Script

System User UID
name UID GID Additional Groups
qmail - 500
nofiles - 501
alias 502 501
qmaild 503 501
qmaill 504 501
qmailp 505 501
qmailq 506 500
qmailr 507 500
qmails 508 500
vmail 509 509
dovecot 510 510
dovenull 511 511
clamav 512 512 member of simscan group
simscan 513 513
spamd 514 514
razor 515 - member of nogroup
asterisk 520 520 member of phnmngr group
phnmngr 521 521
ups 522 522
davical 530 530
roundcube 531 531
fetch 532 532
rt 533 533
ob 534 534
wiki 535 535
files 536 536
ledger 537 537
nagios 538 538
pad 539 539

Hosts/DNS A Records

DNS A Records
FQDN IP Address
Physical Hosts
Network Services
Web Applications
External to LAN

Volume Mounts

Volume Mounts
Data Path Drive Letter Notes
mail /home/mail Personal Mail and Mailing Lists
peronsal files /home/data/people P: (P:)ersonal Files - governed by user ownership
group files /home/data/Departments O: (O:)rganization Files - governed by group ownership
WebDAV /home/webDAV W: (W:)eb accessible file storage

User Accounts/Passwords

User Accounts and Passwords
User Pass Notes
god BobIssues Local Computer Account - windows and linux
root G0dIssues root account on Linux boxes
Computerisms Certificate Authority B0wB4Me!!
Web/Mail Certificates WeeMinion
Host Certificates ChiefMinion
Administrator The1TrueB0b This account is the Network Administrator
authenticator ThisDevilIkn0w Used by 3rd party apps for authentication - avoid special characters
MySQL Root Bobs(abacus)2
Database User Accounts DBMinion all database user accounts for postgresql and mysql
Radius Secret DeputyCherubJr
OpenBroadcaster/PBX Admin BobsMessenger username is admin for both services
OpenBroadcaster Device TheW0rd0fB0b Password you will need to set up the digital signage computer
IPPhone Autoprovision ConvertThem this is the phnmngr username uid 521
NSS Database B0bsGates for Libreswan on porchlian
Personal Certificates S0ns0fB0b issued to end users for VPN